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Concrete Washout Pans

Rhino has produced for the construction industry for over 9 years and is now proud to introduce a new innovative line of concrete washout pans.  These pans are the BEST solution for your compliance with the EPA’s SWPP requirements for disposal of cementitious products.  Each pan has watertight steel construction, heavy-duty 1/4″ floors, and easy-to-use D-rings for lifting, making these the toughest and most reliable pans available.

Reliable Field Usage

  • Heavy-duty steel construction with weight capacity up to 12,000 lbs.
  • Watertight seams at every joint.

Portability and Sizing

  • Extra-wide flange and reinforced corners for a more secure lift.
  • Nestable design provides easy storage and transportation.
  • Dimensions allow for perfect fit under cement truck pumps for easy alignment. Two sizes available:

Small: 72″ x 72″ x 14″, 7 Gauge Steel Walls, 1/4″ Steel Floor

Large: 76″ x 76″ x 24″, 7 Gauge Steel Walls, 1/4″ Steel Floor

Custom Features

  • Painted your custom color using lead-free paints.
  • Custom serial number welding available to trace your pans in the field.

As expected in today’s manufacturing, their quality rating is excellent.  I also appreciate their ability to have people on the ground in China to provide the necessary support needed to successfully import product into the United States of America. I would recommend RHINO Manufacturing Group to any manufacturing company that is currently seeking to import product from China.

Jim H.

Customer Since 2011

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