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About Rhino


Founded in 2004 by sisters Heather Mordhorst and Aimee Gaede,  and inspired by their father, Jim Dunbar, Rhino was started as, and remains today, a family business.  Heather and Aimee have combined their diverse backgrounds to focus on the WHOLE needs of their customers.  From the start, the Rhino group has been steadfast in their commitment to their core values: quality, innovation, price competitiveness, quick product turnaround and lean manufacturing.  Jim and his wife, Nancy, lead the Rhino production team, overseeing their manufacturing facilities and quality control processes.

Although Rhino started off as a small group, it has quickly grown into an exceptional organization, delivering a vast offering of manufacturing capabilities.  Rhino’s early products focused mostly on the Lawn & Garden industry.  Over the years, strong additional offerings have been developed for the Material Handling, Refuse and Construction industries. 

Rhino is proud to offer a “custom care” approach.  Most products can be made specific to their customers’ requirements, filling a unique void in the market.  This concept of custom production, combined with manufacturing capabilities using a wide variety of processes and materials, has led Rhino to become a leading source that their customers can rely on to keep them competitive year after year.  Today, Rhino’s operations continue to expand to provide customers with the products they need for growth and success.

Meet Our Team
Heather Mordhorst

Heather Mordhorst


Heather co-owns Rhino Manufacturing Group with Aimee Gaede and serves as President of the company.  She received her B.S. degree in Financial Management and International Management from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and her M.S. degree in Entrepreneurship from San Diego State University. Heather has over 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur and small business owner, and an additional 6 years of experience in Human Resources Management.
Aimee Gaede

Aimee Gaede

Vice President/Co-Owner

Aimee is Vice President and Co-Owner of Rhino Manufacturing Group. She completed her studies in Industrial Technology and Packaging at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Aimee has co-owned Rhino with Heather Mordhorst from its inception over 10 years ago, and has an extensive background in Manufacturing and Logistics.