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Why Is Rhino THE BEST?

Quality.  Reliability.  Rapid Turnaround.  Personal Attention.  Rhino is ALL you need to keep you competitive.

Quality Assurance

At Rhino, relationships are the most important part of a strong business.  Those relationships are built on trust and reliability, which can only be established after consistently delivering superior products that exceed expectations. From strict incoming inspections of raw materials and subassemblies, to rigorous outgoing inspections of finished products, Rhino integrates quality assurance every step of the way.  The result is a consistent delivery of robust goods that can stand up to the most demanding environments.  For the most complex, tight tolerance items, detailed Level 3 PPAP inspections and accompanying documentation are Rhino standards.

Shipping and Warehousing

Rhino employs the best freight forwarders and customs brokers available to deliver your goods direct to your door.  All aspects of the process are coordinated so you only need to unload the container when it arrives.   Rhino also understands how important lean manufacturing is and offers multiple solutions to help you achieve your goals. Your needs are carefully analyzed and all shipment scenarios available are examined for your unique situation, allowing you to choose which is the best fit for you.


  • Combined Goods in Full Container Shipments: Full container loads allow Rhino customers to take advantage of the most economical shipping scenarios available. However, it may not be feasible to order a full container load of just one item.  Therefore, our customers have the option of combining goods from multiple Rhino factories in order to form full container loads.
  • LCL Shipments: When a full container load it still just too much, the option of LCL shipments may be best for your business. This allows for smaller shipments of goods each time.
  • Domestic Warehousing: If quick turnaround and low inventory levels are most important to you, your product can be stocked in Rhino warehouses in various locations nationwide.  You determine how much product needs to be stocked, when you need to pull from it and how it ships to your door.

Custom Tooling Capabilities

Tooling is a critical part of new projects.  Cost, timing and quality must all be taken into consideration when strategizing for a new product.  Any of these factors can be prohibitive and can keep you from developing the innovative products necessary to put you in the leading position in your industry. Let Rhino be your solution!  First-class tooling is developed exactly to your specifications at a fraction of the cost of what others can, and within demanding timeframes.  Every detail is given careful consideration and full customer review processes are adhered to.

Custom Packaging

Retail products require the perfect presentation.  They require visibility, accessibility, protection and the ability to convey information to the consumer.  The Rhino teams understand how important packaging is and will work with you to design and produce the exact packaging needed for any given product, including:

  • Foam Inserts
  • Product Labels
  • Information Cards
  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Custom Color Graphics
As an international buyer, I am very fortunate to have RHINO Manufacturing Group included in my supply chain.  Aimee, Heather and Jim are great to work with.  Since 2011, RHINO has consistently provided a competitively priced product on-time.
Jim H.

Customer Since 2011